Yay for Science

We all have different reasons for going on vacation. Some like to relax while others want to let loose and party, for example. But how about adding improving your health as a reason to vacation? It’s true! Research has shown that frequent vacationing can help improve your overall health.


Planning a vacation.

Taking Vacations Improves Feelings of Quality of Life and Happiness

Science has proven that taking vacations can help improve one’s overall quality of life and happiness! In fact, just planning a vacation can make you happier. Researchers call this the “anticipation stage.” I know we’re always in a better mood when planning a vacation. Well, maybe not when it comes time to pay.

People also feel happier after taking a vacation. Yes, even after going back to the 9 to 5 grind.


Going back to work after vacation.

Taking Vacations Reduces Stress

Need a stress release? Go on a vacation! It might even make you a better employee. That’s because taking a vacation can lead to decreases in work stress, burnout, exhaustion, and absenteeism (bosses should take note).

angry employee

3 months without a vacation.

However, the positive effects of vacationing on stress relief might also gradually fade out because of work load after a vacation. So ease back into things, if you can. Or better yet, start planning another vacation and get back into the “anticipation stage.”

Taking Vacations Improves Physical Health

Health problems? Go see a doctor, but also go on vacation! 😉

People often feel that they are healthier after a vacation (unless you just spend the last 7 days making routine visits to the buffet line on your cruise vacation). In fact, a study examining the association between frequency of vacationing and health risks in the United States found that individuals who traveled more frequently had fewer cardio-vascular problems and lower risk factors for heart disease.

So what’s the moral of the story? GO ON VACATION!

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