Mykonos, Greece

More Than Just A Party Destination

We really enjoyed our visit to Mykonos, Greece. We expected a party island and got a lot more! In fact, this island has a little bit of something for everyone. If you want to party all day and all night, no problem. But if you want to have a quiet day by the shore and have a romantic dinner at night, you can do that do. Or any combination in between. What was really surprising to us was the number of amazing restaurants and eateries on such a small area of an island. We had a hard time choosing where to eat because everything looked so good.

Mykonos Wind Mills

The windmills are an iconic feature of Mykonos. Most of them are very old being built by the Venetians in the 16th century and were primarily used to mill wheat. Today they stand as a beautiful reminder of the island’s history. The mills pictured bellow are near Little Venice.


Mykonos Wind Mills

Little Venice

One of our favorite areas of the island was Alefkántra or “Little Venice.” This is a beautiful 18th century district with mansions turned into restaurants that have balconies perched over the sea, reminiscent of Venice, Italy. We ate dinner here on our first nights in Mykonos at Restaurant Alefkandra. The tables are placed right by the water making it a very romantic spot at night.


Little Venice in Mykonos


Dinner at Restaurant Alefkandra

Super Paradise Beach

If you’re in Mykonos then you might as well party, at least a little. Super paradise beach is a great way to mix in a little relaxation with some partying. The beach is set up with lounge chairs and umbrellas that overlook the beautiful water. Side note: The water was really, really, really cold! We dipped our feet in and ran back out. But is sure is pretty to look at. 😉

The DJ was really good. He played mostly American music and every 15 minutes or so he would yell out “mykonooooooos” and the crowd would respond with the same. It was kinda cheesy so naturally this became a joke for the rest of the trip. They have a really large bar area with performers/dancers and an announcer. This is where you can let your hair down and party!


Relaxing at Super Paradise Beach



After dinner the night owls head out for some more partying. We stuck mainly to the gay bars, but there are lots to choose from. Jackie O’s was fun, but small. Inside was way too hot so we grabbed a few drinks and joined the party outside. Next door is Babylon and it is equally small. But we were able to push our way inside and watch their hilarious drag performer.


Jackie’Os Nightclub in Mykonos

Getting Around

Most of the restaurants, bars, etc are within Mykonos Town. If you want to go to the beach, however, you’ll need to take some form of transportation (no beaches in town). You have several options, the most common is simply taking a bus. They depart regularly from Mykonos Town to a variety of places. You’ll have to get your ticket first before you get on the bus. There’s a shed-like stand at the bus area where you can buy your tickets. It’s a simple process and the locals will help. They all speak English; just tell them where you want to go. The other option is to rent an ATV or moped. I highly recommend renting ATVs. We did and had a really fun time. They are allowed everywhere on the island. We took ours to Super Paradise Beach and then explored the northeast part of the island.