Safiental, Switzerland

Open Air Hotel

The Null Stern Hotel made global headlines in 2010 when concept artists Frank and Patrik Riklin transformed a Swiss nuclear bunker into a hotel, which was later converted into a museum.

Fast forward to 2016 and the duo is back at it again. This time the Null Stern was reborn in Safiental, Switzerland in the form of a bed… in the woods. The bed is nestled in the Swiss mountains in the open air. There’s no walls, or roof. AMAZING!


Now, this isn’t like that time you decided to blow up the air mattress and sleep outside for the night, the Null Stern comes with some pretty cool amenities. For example, room service is provided by local farmers, dressed bow ties and white gloves, who’ll deliver breakfast made from local produce. You’ll also have plenty of entertainment courtesy of the nighttime sky. The bed looks pretty comfy, too.


Soon after opening in July, the Null Stern bed sold out for the season, despite the $335/night price tag. But don’t worry, they’re currently taking reservation for 2017! Better hurry!

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